NEQ Rapid Deploy Station

... Portable Remote, in minutes.

My temporary Margaritaville! Park to QSO - 5 minutes

Here's the description of my
rapid deploy ham radio station.
It can be set up with any of several
different antennas, power sources etc.
These photos show setup using my van
which is typical of my operations.

The desert spot shown in the photos
is detailed at my Urban Desert Ops page.

The goal of my rapid deploy station,
is to be able to setup AND breakdown
in 5 minutes or less. Lots of people
concentrate on the setUP time but
overlook the breakdown time. In the
desert, weather, animals, intruders
can threaten quickly and require
a fast bug out.
1 - Open door2 - Pull out table and chair3 - Pull out nylon case containing station 1...2...3...comms!

After parking the van...

1 - Open the side door
2 - Unload beach chair and table
3 - Set ham station on table, unzip

Pack the components in logical order.
LIFO = Last In First Out
I want the plastic table OUT first
therefore I pack it IN last.
Corner view of op position. Hamstick in center of van roofStation, comfortable seating, van counterpoise for verticals Ready for an Operator

Add about 60 seconds to the mix
for this particular iteration,
to screw a hamstick into the
roof mount. The coax stays pre-
connected to the antenna mounts.
They only require plugging into
the tuner/radio.

Have a seat, hit the power button,
hit the autotuner button.

Power is supplied by a normal auto
battery located in a marine box
just inside the door of the van.
If desired, I can carry that battery
to the station, if setup farther
from the vehicle.
Hamstick vertical analysis Readin' the Hamstick

There's a 20m Hamstick on the mount
that's dead center on the van roof.

Here's the MFJ analyzer readout.

1.5:1 SWR without a tuner
Perfect vertical impedance, 72 ohms.
Reactance at a very acceptable 11.
Complete station in a 4 space portable rack case What's What

(kind of) Clockwise from 3 o'clock...

- Time(zulu)/Temp/Humidity meter
- Code paddles
- Logbook and pencil
- PTT switch w/ velcro loop
- Aviation headset
- LDG Autotuner
- Yaesu 857 transceiver
- Audio breakout box (bottom)
- Mic preamp box (above breakout box)
- LDG multifunction meter
- Local time clock.

Not very visible in this pic is a
West Mountain electrical power meter,
mounted above the tranceiver. It keeps tabs
on voltage and current use.

UPDATE: The components in this
rack mount station have been modified!
See - Green Radios
CQ CQ CQ Makin' Contacts

I am actually in QSO here with
K5ML, K9KEJ and NI7J. I had to
QRO to at least 50 watts to get
a good signal report from K5ML.
The other two stations, Mickey and Ron
were closer (Ron was mobile just miles
away. They heard me great on 5 watts.

Visible near my left shoe is the
ground strap that connects all the
cases in the station to one point.
It's DRY in the desert. TOUCH GROUND
to clear static electricity from your
fingers before you start operating.
Likewise ground any antenna feedlines
before making connections by simply
touching the center pin of the PL259
to the ground braid.

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