NEQ Urban Desert Ops

... Portable Remote, in the desert Southwest, USA.
This time, just 1 mile from civilization.

Hidden Operating Location Can you spot
the amateur radio station??

These photos are taken in the desert
north of Phoenix. It's typical of a lot
of operating spots I find.

Where's the van? Where's the van?

This photo is from the same viewpoint
as the above photo, only zoomed in a bit.
Can you see the van? It's dead center
in the photo. Below the two, prominent
upright Sahuaro cactus.
There's the van! There's the van roof
and four vertical antennas.

I raised the camera a bit
and zoomed even more than
the above photo. Now you can
begin to see the roof line
of my van, parked in the desert.
View from the 'friendly' side View from the 'friendly' side.

Here's my remote station
setup and ready to operate.

Details on the equipment are at
my Rapid Deploy station page.

Someone built the fire ring.
Lots of people apparently use
this spot. There are a ton of
broken beer bottles in and
around the fire ring. I always
take shovels and rakes and
trash bags and clean up any
location I find. Just like we
all learned in Boy Scouts,
leave it in better shape than
when you found it.
Starting to disappear again Move a few yards
it disappears again

For this photo, I've moved just
10 yards or so. As soon as the
natural objects in the desert
begin to break up the visual lines
of the man made vehicle,
it begins to disappear.
Blending Bushes! Man Made Objects
in Natural Settings

As the viewpoint changes
different pieces of natural cover
begin to break up the man made shape
of the vehicle.

This photo was taken from
the same spot as the previous
photo, only it's zoomed in tighter.
Notice how the natural elements
(the Palo Verde tree branches)
tend to blend with the diagonal
paint areas on the van.

Note how the most symmetrical
parts of the van (wheels, windows)
don't disappear as readily as the
pre-broken up shape of the van body.
Vertical meets verticalOne VERY tall cactus! Visual Similarity

If you're going to
park a vehicle with a bunch of
vertical antennas, park it where
there's a bunch of vertical elements
in the natural surroundings. There are
thousands of these giant Sahuaro's
in the desert. Even a non disguised
vertical antenna or mast will
disappear rapidly in a field of
upright elements like these cactus.

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